Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod – Married “BodyBreak” Fitness Icons

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod - Married Fitness Icons “BodyBreak”  

Hal Johnson

Age: 57 (June 14, 1956)
Nickname: n/a

Occupation: TV Personality – Fitness Promotion

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Place of Birth: Newark, NJ

Couldn’t Live Without: Protein shake

Good Luck Charm: “I rub the number 23 on the side of my hat, my daughter’s hockey number, so she is always with me.”

Strengths: Health and fitness, athletics, salesmanship

Fears/Phobias: Heights, claustrophobia

Favourite Travel Destination: San Diego, CA


Joanne McLeod

Age: 54 (Sept. 18, 1958)
Nickname: Jo

Occupation: TV Personality – Fitness Promotion

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Place of Birth: Toronto, ON

Couldn’t Live Without: Ear plugs to sleep

Good Luck Charm: Hal

Strengths: Health and fitness, athletic, media production

Fears/Phobias: Unconventional foods, confined spaces

Favourite Travel Destination: Cruise ship to anywhere



Hal and Joanne are Canadian icons – for 25 years they have been on television in self-produced fitness interstitials that promote healthy and active living. Joanne notes that they are “huge fans” of THE AMAZING RACE, while Hal adds, “You might say that we’ve been training for this all these years.”


They are eager to show audiences another side of their partnership on THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, and  just like any couple they have moments of tension and moments of laughter.


Their energy is unquestionably infectious. They are also no strangers to competition; as amateur athletes, Hal played baseball for Team Canada, while Joanne represented Canada on the national track and field team.


“People tell us...that they’ve grown up with BodyBreak,” says Hal, “and that could be a big advantage, but it also could put targets on our backs.” Adds Joanne, “It could be a liability, but I think we can use it to our advantage.”


Hal and Joanne have seen so much of Canada, but hope to see parts they’ve never experienced onThe Race, such as the Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, or reach the highest summit of Canada (Mount Logan, YK).


Motto: “Keep fit and have fun.”


How will they plan to win The Race: “Our strategy is to be as patient as possible, not get ahead of ourselves, allow for each other’s strengths to be utilized, listen, and be persistent.”


Number one roadblock as team: “The biggest challenge will be to keep the intensity and focus for the entire day and race.”