Jody Mitic and Cory Mitic - Brothers

Jody Mitic and Cory Mitic

Jody Mitic

Age: 36 (Jan. 3, 1977)
Nickname: n/a

Occupation: Army Sniper (Ret.) / Motivational Speaker
Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Place of Birth: Kitchener, ON

Couldn’t Live Without: My motorcycle

Strengths: Military training, race car driving, long range firearms

Fears/Phobias: Eating weird stuff

Favourite Travel Destination: New Zealand

Cory Mitic

Age: 32 (April 14, 1981)
Nickname: n/a

Occupation: Labour Relations Officer

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Place of Birth: Kitchener, ON

Couldn’t Live Without: Family, friends, and good food

Good Luck Charm: My good will towards others

Strengths: Conflict resolution, singing, negotiations

Fears/Phobias: Falling, eating strange things

Favourite Travel Destination: Our old family cottage



Jody was a sniper for the Canadian forces, and while on duty in Afghanistan in 2007, he stepped on a land mine and lost both his legs below the knee. After an extraordinary recovery, Jody was running 5 km charity runs in a little over a year on his new prosthetic feet. “It’s obviously going to be a challenge,” Jody says of his prosthetics, “but we’re going to have to overcome that with determination.”


Cory was by Jody’s side during his recovery and then relocated to Alberta to take a job five years ago. The distance has been hard on the brothers and they’re looking forward to re-establishing their strong bond. “We’ll rely on each other to get the job done,” says Cory. “Our interaction will probably be laced with a lot of bleeps for the viewers at home, and comic relief, also quite a bit of fireworks,” says Jody.


Within a few months of returning home, Jody was reunited with one of the medics who evacuated him from Afghanistan. The two are now common law partners of five years and have two beautiful girls together. With the birth of his first daughter, Jody vowed to always strive to be a better person, someone his daughter would look up to and be proud to call Dad. 


Motto: “They are the enemy and we shall destroy them.”


How will they plan to win The Race: Focus, hard work, calculated risk.


Number one roadblock as team: “Being patient and bringing the intensity down a little bit from red line.”